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Based on our rating, we did not find as one of the best academic writing services out there. As mentioned above, it has some advantages, but the disadvantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages. The fact that you can compete and select your authors seems appealing. However, when you do not know their credentials, choosing an author based on their quotes can be a real problem. No review for an academic writing service can be complete until the authors are fully evaluated.

I worked hard for the order and it was worth it, as the customer gave me the highest score and was very satisfied with the letter. Now it is much easier to take orders because I have a good rating. I am impressed by the fact that every writer works for a reputation and can become a top writer by offering simply quality documents. We offer the best payment options for your service. EssayShark offers its customers a money back guarantee – you do not have to pay the amount in advance.

After receiving the final paper, I also realized that their “Native Writer” was not native at all. I have processed 75% of the paper, leaving only a few basic elements. Overall, I would not recommend this service to other students. I’m sorry you made such a conclusion about our company. Our system works on the basis of offers and the authors receive payment for each project completed according to their offers.

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Of course, the service receives a commission, but it does not affect the authors’ salaries. The rewards that writers receive depend only on their productivity. The more orders they execute, the more money they earn. In addition, our company does not restrict authors from making an offer that they believe is appropriate for a particular job. employs writers from all over the world as freelancers. Most are non-native English speakers and their language varies depending on the client. Students are punished for incorrect use of grammar in their homework. When my account was approved, I immediately started bidding. I have to admit that it was not easy to get the first order, as sometimes customers are reluctant to place orders for new writers.

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